Summertime. The best time of the year. And what better way to spend it than with the people you care about!

Be it friends, coworkers, family or loved ones, it’s nice to share your special holiday with other people. Make memories you will be talking about for years to come in our many group experiences.

Fun is often a group activity, so this summer, take your crew for an amazing trip across the waters, islands and cities of the adriatic. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and live that bikini and life jacket lifestyle.
The adriatic is full of coves, beach bars and festivals waiting for you and your friends, and with locations like ours, you can’t go wrong. So plan the perfect trip for you and your crew, be it sailing, luxury yachting, island hopping, or simply exploring the secrets of the sea with wind in your hair and wine in your hand... Let us help you plan that trip you’ll be telling everyone about, with crazy memories, exciting activities and moments to frame on your wall.

Experience the sea from a whole new perspective on our luxury yachts and sailboats while listening to summer playlists with our DJs. Have on-deck lunches, chase off the perfect sunset, stargaze on the water, dock in old and modern cities. There is nothing the adriatic doesn’t have to offer.

Become explorers of nature and nightlife, and bond on the journey over the Adriatic, wave by wave.
It’s your choice: sailing or yachting, snorkeling or sunbathing, sandy beaches of cliff diving, a day in the sun or a night in the clubs... So what’s it gonna be, dear travellers? All you have to do is choose, and we will take care of the rest. So sit back, relax, and breathe in the sea as you take on an unforgettable journey with your favourite people.