A day of bonding at sea with your coworkers exploring the nature of the adriatic. Experience group and team work activities, including sailing cruises where you can learn the basics of sailing on luxury sailing boat, and speedboat tours around the islands. At just about any part of the adriatic there are opportunities for cliff diving, paragliding and similar activities. Have a memorable tour amongst the national treasures of the Croatian coast: the sun baked islands, the hidden coves, the crystal clear sea, the traditional old cities, the beach bars, the high end restaurants and more. Accompanied by your teammates - your crew, have a pleasant time yachting in the sun of the Adriatic.

We will help you organise everything. Contact us with your requests and let us meet your expectations. All you have to do is sit back and have fun. Team buildings are often off season activities, from pre season, around May, to post season, which we warmly recommend. The crowds are gone but the warm weather is still here.

If you decide to sail into your adventure, you will most likely get multiple luxury racing sailing boats, but you can also get a single boat to accommodate up to 150 people if you're in Split. Team building is organised to bring people together, to create a stronger work environment, to make shared experiences with your coworkers so you would better know and more easily work with each other.

A team building at sea is a great way to make an unforgettable story that will be talked about for long to come. It's different, it's original and it's fun.
Apart from the aforementioned sailing activities, a team building trip to the sea offers many forms of exploration, like the old cities and many famous beach bars, or if you're up for it, we can organise a tour of the smaller islands with private stay and food included. Be it hiking in the unreal nature of Kornati or windsurfing, kayaking, paragliding or something entirely different, Croatia has it all.

Let us help you plan the perfect trip to bring your business closer together. Workplace relationships are important for a functioning and productive company.
So take an exiting trip to the wonders of the adriatic and have a fun and productive rest of the year!