Johann Franck is a three-story cafe, restaurant, lounge bar and nightclub in the center of the Croatian capital, Zagreb, situated on Main Square. It can accommodate up to 1,000 people. With its unique interior design, and the exquisite items it is undeniably the ruler of Zagreb nightlife. Entertainment in the evening is guaranteed with exquisite night program with various DJs, live performances, burlesques and parties. With its central position and centuries old tradition it attracts numerous domestic celebrities and international guests

According to many, History Village has become a cult place for all generations of Zagreb. The concept is tailored for those who know what they want. Because of its size, spaciousness and warm atmosphere, it provides a special atmosphere at each visit. History is a place where you can build new friendships, meet hot girls, fall in love, successes and victories, and of course, be part of the best club entertainment in the city.

The organisation at the core of the Katran-factory warehouse scene runs weekend club nights that are a mixture of DJ dance culture, live music, mainstream fun and alternative art madness. Despite the grizzled post-industrial minimalism of the location, there’s a relaxed, private-house-party vibe.

Gallery club, with its impressive interior and a stunning terrace overlooking the lake, and the highest standard of service, is for many years at the top of the nightlife in Zagreb, and is among the world’s most famous clubs. It is for sure one of the places not to be missed while you are in Croatia.

Bar is a cool swanky place where people with wanderlust all over the world come together and hang out, listen to good live music, enjoy artsy events and pub quizzes organized for swanky guests and locals who love coming here as well. Industrial interior of a former dry cleaning factory combined with vintage, colorful furniture, takes you back to the second half of the 19th century.It is also the place where you can have breakfast in the morning, and drinks in the evening. Or simply relax and enjoy on the terrace surrounded by a beautiful garden.

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