Croatia is a blessed country photographically. As it has a beautiful mix of stunning beaches, Adriatic seascapes, islands, along with a lot of ancient history especially as its medieval walled cities like Split and Dubrovnik. So, overall Croatia is a versatile country and highly popular for its amazing places.

However, if you are traveling to Croatia and want to know the best locations to capture, then Hen Croatia is here to help you. We will let you know about the best destinations to visit in this regard.

Top photographable locations in Croatia

So, here are some of the best locations to photograph in Croatia you must know:


Dubrovnik is known as the Adriatic Sea’s pearl. Therefore, it is popular as the most photographable city here. When you are in Dubrovnik, taking the best Instagrammable photos is never a problem. The best location to take photos in Dubrovnik old town is at the old walls of the city, experience it as a part of the Dubrovnik city walls tour, and take some epic photos with your Hen group.

 These locations commonly include:

  • Dubrovnik city walls
  • Dominican Monastery
  • Banje Beach
  • Stradun
  • Jesuit Staircase
  • Mount Srd

If you want to capture some unforgettable moments during your Hen weekend party in Croatia, we can definitely arrange the service for you.

Take a cable car ride to the top of mountain Srđ and take photos above the old town Dubrovnik whille sipping on a coctail with a view. If you are a Game of Thrones fan the Game of Thrones tour is a must-do for you, just imagine the photos you can take while strolling around the famous Kings landing! 


Hvar is one of the sunniest and most beautiful destinations in Croatia. It can offer you the most scenic views to capture stunning photographs without even any hassle. You can have a beautiful panorama of Hvar city from the Španjola Fortress.

However, if you want to create the most magical photographs here, we always recommend our visitors visit this fortress just before the sunset.

We can easily help you here to create an amazing composition with the azure sea, Pakleni Islands, and orange rooftops on the horizon. No wonder, Hvar can let you visit some of the most photographable places in Croatia. The best way to visit Pakleni island, and take the best photos is to take a Sailing trip to Pakleni islands, you can choose between a whole day tour, or sunset sailing, whatever you decide on photos are going to look fantastic!


Whenever it comes to knowing about the best photographable destinations in Croatia, it’s impossible to complete the list without mentioning Split. The entire Old Town of the Split can let you have amazing locations to capture yourself beautifully. Diocletian’s Palace with the former corridors and narrow streets can let you have many places to capture here. Take a part of Sightseeing tour in Split and your guide will show you all of the best photo places.

Most importantly, you can also climb the tower of Diocletian’s Palace Cathedral to capture the panoramic view of the beautiful Split city.


Another wonderful destination that you must visit in Croatia during your Hen Weekend party in Croatia is Zagreb. Zagreb has the most beautiful and mesmerizing cemeteries in Europe. Therefore, if you want to capture some amazing and refreshing photographs here, then this is a worth-visiting place in Croatia.

Other than that, Zagreb; the capital city of Croatia, also offers some vibrant spots to capture. Go to the upper town and visit:

  • A 13th-century Tower of Lotršcak
  • Neo-Gothic cathedral
  • Museum of Broken Relationships

Hen Croatia is here to manage your overall hen weekend party in Croatia. You can also ask us to visit photographable destinations if you want to have more fun and capture some moments to enjoy for a lifetime in Croatia.

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