Even though most of the people consider Croatia as the best place to visit for long vacations. However, Croatia has a lot to do even for your short weekend trips, especially when you want to enjoy hen weekend party in Croatia.

Additionally, the relaxing pace of life in Croatia, generally, can let you come back while feeling rested and relaxed. Ultimately, you will have peace to focus on the next big chapter of your life in the best possible way. Get your weekend tour booked with Hen Croatia to add more fun and have a hassle-free experience.

Things that make Croatia the best weekend getaway

However, if you want to know what makes Croatia the best weekend getaway, then get to know about the best things to enjoy on the short break here. This will surely let you have a better idea about things in this regard.

So, here we go:


If you are ready for some serious thrills around the track, then make sure to take a part in Hen Croatia’s excellent Go Karting activities. It can add great fun with a competitive element to your hen weekend party in Croatia. You can race with your girls’ gang to see who will get crowned as the queen of the kart.

Photo shooting

If you are planning to visit Croatia as your hen weekend getaway, then just add our photo shooting services to your trip. We will make sure to treat you like a star and capture you exactly in the way you want. Hen Croatia can book an exclusive 3-hour photoshoot party to give you an opportunity to feel like a star and unleash your inner supermodels beautifully.

Quad biking

If you love adventurous and exciting weekend activities. Then cross-country Quad adventure is meant for you. We will let you make an ATV your personal vehicle to let you see the most beautiful sides of the Croatian countryside. You will surely feel like living in a fairytale with our quad biking activity.

Have dinner at a traditional Croatian restaurant

We all understand the importance of having a good and authentic dinner in Croatia during your weekend tour. Therefore, you must have an authentic and delicious dinner at a traditional Croatian restaurant. Enjoy the best food with your best laughs, and raise a glass for the bride to be here during your hen weekend party in Croatia.


This is arguably the most exhilarating activity that is offered by Hen Croatia here. This will make hen weekend more exciting and unforgettable. You can rush down with your group to fast-flowing water while paddling together and dodging the rocks.

If you want to get some magical photographs while rafting, it is highly recommended to take a waterproof camera with you. It is because you will definitely get an opportunity to have magical action shoots here.

If you want to add more fun, relaxation, and excitement to your weekend in Croatia, Hen Croatia is always here to help.