Top 5 Clubbing Locations in Croatia

Croatia has become the hot new destination on the bucket list of travelers. Most importantly, Hen weekend party in Croatia has also become one of the top activities here. Fortunately, Croatia is definitely well-worth for all the hype. It has everything from magnificent coastline to gorgeous cities, and top clubbing locations for thrilling party nights.

If you are thinking about spending your Hen party in Croatia, the nightlife here will surely not disappoint you, and with the help of Hen Croatia the organization can be much easier for everyone.

Best 5 clubbing locations in Croatia

However, do you want to know about the best locations to visit for a lucrative clubbing experience in Croatia? Hen Croatia can let you know multiple options here. Then, simply have a look at the details below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

Hvar Clubbing

Hvar is known to be the best party location in overall Croatia. With beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, and non-stop parties, Hvar can be the best clubbing location to add to your hen weekend party in Croatia. Two world famous clubs are located on the beautiful Hvar island, Carpe Diem beach club and Hula Hula !

Hen Croatia can help you to get bookings in any of the following clubs:

If you are thinking about clubbing in Hvar island, Hen Croatia can help you with table reservations.

Dubrovnik Clubbing

Even though Dubrovnik is the best place to visit for a relaxing hen weekend party in Croatia. However, an array of clubs in the city can let you have a chill-out clubbing experience here as well. We can let you enjoy an array of activities along with a top-notch clubbing experience here to have an unforgettable hen weekend party.

Our top-notch Dubrovnik clubbing options include:

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Split Clubbing

Split is the second-largest and one of the best clubbing locations in Croatia. The clubbing life here can offer you amazing opportunities to dance with your heart and spend a great time with your friends. The City is respiring with an amazing party spirit wherever you go.

Split is a location with numerous café bars located almost everywhere in the city and the best way to expirience it is by joining a pub crawl. Additionally, the city won’t ever disappoint you with after-hours clubs as well. However, the top clubbing options in Split include:

You can get any of these reserved for you with the help of Hen Croatia without any hassle.

Zagreb Clubbing

With tons of clubbing options, Zagreb is definitely your perfect hen trifecta. It is because this capital city doesn’t lack nightlife, most importantly on the weekends when parties go till morning.

Join the happening and thrilling parties in any of the following clubs:

  • Gallery Club
  • Aquarius Club
  • Johann Franc
  • Outgarden club and Outbunker

These are just some of the places you can visit if you choose to go on the Zagreb pub crawl tour, or enjoy VIP Night Clubbing with table reservations.

Zrće Clubbing

Zrće is the most popular beach in Croatia. Due to multiple reasons, Zrće is known to be the #1 beach party destination in Europe. The main feature of this most attractive Croatian location is a selection of its clubs with a highly affordable price range. Bura Bura Beach here hosts an exclusive club.

Some other best clubbing options in Zrće include:

  • Noa Beach Club
  • Papaya Club
  • Aquarius Club

To enjoy an amazing clubbing experience in Zrće, make sure to book your hen weekend party in Croatia with Hen Croatia only. We will make sure to let you have VIP access to the most popular clubs here, and visit the night clubs without waiting in the long queues.