Croatia is well-known for its natural beauty. From white sand beaches having turquoise waters to some of the most historic sites like Pula Arena or Old town of Dubrovnik, everything is so hypnotic and picturesque that you cannot just take it off your mind. 

Not only this but there is a plethora of lush green and aromatic vineyards and wineries that you can explore in Croatia and enjoy your Hen weekend party in Croatia. Hen Croatia can help you with some of the best wine-tasting tours to explore in Croatia. 

Best wine tasting tours to explore in Croatia provided by Hen Croatia

Hen Croatia is a Hen do planner organization that organizes numerous events, such as wine tasting expeditions in Croatia that both locals and tourists can enjoy. Below-specified are the wine tasting tours you can enjoy with Hen Croatia. 

Hen Croatia organizes an offroad wine tasting tour in Hvar. The total wine tour is 6 hours. 

  • The tour starts with tourists being picked up from their accommodation by Hen Croatia.
  • After that, there is an off road drive through Hvar, during which you get to see two piquant wineries. 
  • Here, in the wineries, you would be offered to taste 4 types of wines. And learn about how each one of them is made, including what types of grapes are used. 
  • After wine tasting, there will be lunch in a nearby lusciously green village, which will refresh your body and soul. 

Another exciting wine tasting tour you can go with Hen Croatia is the wine tasting tour in Zagreb. 

  • On this tour, you would first visit Vuglec Breg, a winery, and a restaurant, nearby opulent green plain fields with beautiful blooming flowers. 
  • After reaching the winery, you would taste different types of wine and enjoy the scenic countryside view. Hen Croatia also provides an English-speaking wine waiter to its tourists.  Hence, with Hen Croatia, the language barrier is no longer an issue. The tour is for 4 hours.

You can also book a wine tasting event in Split and have a great Hen weekend party in Croatia. Wine tasting parties are great and allow the bride’s friends to engage in a conversation that helps to form new friendships. 

  • In this wine tasting package, you get to taste 4 different Croatian piquant wines that will freshen your mood.  You would also get an English wine waiter, who will walk you through different wine tastings. With some additional cost, you can also book a 3-course meal. 

You can also book the same wine tasting package in Zagreb. However, in that, you will go to the Zagreb City Center. It is because the bar, in which Hen Croatia organizes the event, is near it. 

To enjoy your Hen weekend party in Croatia, you can also try this wine tasting tour. In this, you would first be taken to a winery in Hvar, which is along the picturesque vineyard surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. 

After reaching the winery:

  • You would be offered 6 wine samples for tasting along with a delicious Croatian appetizer.  There is even an option of visiting an underwater winery during a day boat tour around Hvar island. Just mention to your skipper you would like to explore it !


These are some of the best Wine tasting tours you can explore in Croatia with Hen Croatia. Hen Croatia also organizes numerous activities for Hen weekend parties in Croatia. So, if you want to have a blast when visiting Croatia, you can contact Hen Croatia.